Some Changes to the Blog!

Hi everyone

First my apologies for being absent for awhile now. My husband and I have changed our lifestyle and are now eating healthier. That doesnt mean that we dont indulge in a “treat” every now and then but we have cut back. this means my addiction to baking has been scaled back, hence why I havent been posting much lately. And why there will be some changes to this blog. After pondering the future of the blog I have decided with some help from the readers to make a few small changes. I will be adding some healthier recipes, some tips and cooking tricks I have learned, some healthified recipes , simple switches to make some old recipes more healthier and of course we will keep some of the baking, we all deserve a treat now and then! I have learned over the last 6 months that you dont have to eliminate all foods from your diet in order to lose weight, you just need to learn portion control and by cutting out all treats and depriving yourself you are doomed to fail. I still eat sweats, and fatty foods…I just eat less of them. Healthy whole real food is beautiful and delicious and I will show you simple ways to add fresh food into your diet. I have lost over 65 pounds in the last 6 months by eating less and eating fresh( and of course exercise too) I want to experiment with new recipes and share my experiences with you. A whole new side to my addiction. I hope you will enjoy the new recipes and join me on this new adventure. I promise it will taste just as sweat! 


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